Secrets and Competition

In some communities, most actually, there seems to be this fear of someone getting your “secret” or of competitors. I’m not talking about legit trade secrets, just normal stuff like sources for products or products themselves. I used to be this way too. I kept every card close to my chest. Fuck them, the hell if I’m going to give them a chance to ruin my world domination plan.

I can now say with certainty that’s a shitty way to do business. It’s stressful, breeds paranoia, and just doesn’t feel good. I work my ass off for the good shit. I don’t want to feel any of the crap that I did before. Stress can be a thing but the rest of it can go somewhere. The biggest change I saw when I stopped worrying about someone “stealing” something from me was the ability to look forward at what’s coming down the road. The biggest thing that’s lead to is a vision for how tech can truely change our industry. While everyone else is just barely making the turn to modern systems, ours is well into development utilizing a few cutting edge technologies. See, when you’re not looking at what’s immediately around you, you can look at what’s possible. I’m a firm believer that with enough money or time you can accomplish anything. Since time is somewhat more abundant now, I take that time and look at where I’d like to go instead of where everyone else is going.

Don’t be scared of competition, let it make you better at what you do. If that doesn’t happen, maybe what you do isn’t what you should be doing. Keep playing your game, not someon else’s.

Just some food for thought.

Time to learn JavaScript

I’ve been messing around with building stuff on the web for over 20yrs now. I’ve been avoiding learning anything beyond the very basics of js for the entire time. Early on it was all doom and gloom about how bad js was to use. Later when Google started pushing js I still wasn’t a fan. I still leaned away from js and only picked up enough to get a couple of things working as I needed them.

Last year I decided to start building an involved app for our company and after toying around with Vue for part of the interface and it worked well. I really liked how building the app as a SPA felt. I could also see the advantage of having my logic and view layer decoupled. Now Im not really married to anything really. If I wanted to swap out the back end for something else its as simple as making sure I stub the same end points and data. If I want to change the front end for some reason I already know what end points I have.

After realizing just how little I know about js and using it I decided to try and actually learn some more about js. So the fun begins.